Warts on Fingers

Warts are caused by the HPV virus. This virus has over 100 strains with specific sets of strains being responsible for warts on specific areas of the body. The HPV virus occupies the bottom layer of the skin called the epidermis. It will produce almost normal looking skin, but the virus replicates skin cells at a much faster rate than the normal process. As each replication takes place, more and more virus cells will be present, which will change the look of the skin. After a few days, a wart will appear on the skin. This is how warts on fingers are formed.

warts on fingers
1. What do finger warts look like?
2. How do you get warts on fingers?
3. Finger wart removal methods

What do Finger Warts Look Like?

Warts that appear on the hands and fingers are known as common warts1. These finger warts will be round and dome shaped. The surface of these types of warts is usually rough and resembles a cauliflower and are often brown or tan in color.

These common warts can remain tiny, or they grow to a considerable size. If an individual has a weakened immune system, they can develop a lot of warts on the fingers and hands. There have been cases in which finger warts have interfered with the ability to carry out daily activities.

How do You Get Warts on Fingers?

As mentioned previously, warts are caused by a virus. This virus is easily transmitted from person to person through direct contact. You can get wart on fingers by touching the warts or another person. If you hold hands with someone who has warts then you are putting yourself at risk for getting warts also.

It is possible to get finger warts without having direct contact with warts. If you share personal items such as towels, washcloths or clothes with another individual, you can be exposed to HPV and develop warts. Some researchers also believe that you can be exposed to the HPV virus by touching objects such as doorknobs or shopping cart handles. It is easy to see how we come into contact with this virus every day. Your immune system will be the deciding factor in the development of warts on fingers.

Finger Wart Removal Methods.

There are several options when it comes to finger wart removal. The most obvious and most popular method is to reach for an over the counter wart removal product such as Amoils – more information here that can be purchased online and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to remove warts.  Other brands can can be found in most drug stores and pharmacies.

An over the counter wart remover is specially formulated to be used on common warts. There are three main types of over the counter products for finger wart removal. The first are natural ingredient products that use specific ingredients that they claim are proven to remove warts without scarring (see links to Amoils and Naturasil above).  Another type of over the counter medication contains salicylic acid. This acid works by dissolving the outer layers of the skin that makes up the wart. As the acid works, the affected area may turn red. This is the body having an immune reaction to the site of the wart.

Cryotherapy is another type of over the counter wart treatment. This medicine works by freezing the wart away. The medication in the over the counter cryotherapy products is not as potent as what the doctor uses in the office. This is because this medication can produce frostbite in higher concentrations.

Prescription Finger Wart Removal

If warts are not responding to over the counter or other conventional medicines, your doctor may want to attempt immunotherapy. This type of treatment is very expensive and there is no guarantee that it will work.

There are specific medications that have been developed which will boost the immune system. Doctors use this type of immune boosting therapy in patients with cancer and other debilitating diseases. Some may use it to treat warts on fingers. The theory is that by giving the immune system a boost, the body will eliminate the virus that produces warts. Once the virus is eliminated there is no risk for getting warts.

Warts on fingers can be embarrassing, and they can interfere with your life. There are several treatment options these days that can help eliminate these warts. However, it is important to take good care of yourself so your body can fight off the virus that causes fingers warts.


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